“Strengthen the family, because it is the foundation of every state”.


We are the social Internet Mass Media, which is engaged in supporting and promoting healthy and intelligent large families.

We have prepared an initiative to introduce a new road sign «Parking for families with many children», a project has been developed to introduce standards for providing parking spaces for large families.


Our task is to strengthen society according to the principle “develop yourself”. Only starting from ourselves, strengthening the personal principles of a person and a citizen, maintaining peace and well-being in our family, will we and our children live in a strong and modern world.


We are ready to cooperate and implementation support the project Road sign «Parking for a family with a lot of children» in any part of the world.


Authors of the project: Andrey Nesvit and Irina Sukhodulova inform readers that they are not professional translators. Please understand that we may allow some inaccuracies in the translation. Thank you!

The project of the initiative «Development and adoption of the rules of application of the new road sign

«Parking for families with many children» in the field of traffic, the introduction of standards for the provision of Parking spaces for vehicles of large families».

Identification mark
«Family with a large number of children»

Identification mark «Family with a large number of children» — an image of the symbol of the road sign «Parking for a family with a large number of children». May be located on the front and rear of vehicles driven by persons authorized to install (use) the identification mark «Large family with many children».

Road sign «Parking for a family with many children»

Road marking «Parking for a family with many children»





















Indicates the location of parking spaces for vehicle families with a large number of children.

Examples of application.

We have tried to develop road signs taking into account the peculiarities of the national legislation. In case of errors, please inform us.

The availability of special parking places for families with many children will increase safety and favorable conditions for living in large cities.

We hope that our project will receive support and be implemented.

With respect: Andrei Nesvit and Irina Sukhodulova.

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